Application Forms

Please click on the button below and print the appropriate application. We do need to get copies of your last 2 payroll stubs or written verification of your income. You can email that to the office with your completed application.

There is a $25.00 fee per applicant (adult over the age of 18) to process.
Contact our office with any questions. (423) 744-3515
The application can not be fully processed without the application fee paid.

Rental Application

Click on the Rental Application Button and bring up the PDF File. You can fill it out and email it back to us. There is room for two applicants on each application. The minors in the home are just listed as occupants.
However, anyone over the age of 18 in the home, is required to have a background check.


If you are required to have as co-singer, they will fill this application out. They also have to have a background check. They can also return it by e-mail. Please just make sure you notify us who they are co-signing for. Please call our office if you have any questions! (423) 744-3515.

If you have a pet or animal, please verify they are accepted at the home prior to applying for the house or apartment. Please click on the PETS tab below after reading all of the information we have provided concerning pets.

We do have new pet policies that have been in place recently. Our pet deposits, policies and applications have changed and pet screening has been added. There is pet application that needs to be attached to your rental application as always, however, we do have a screening process now for all animals, whether it is a pet, emotional support or service animal.

Everyone is required to follow this process. The pet screening is a wonderful service for the animal owners as well. It provides gathers and holds all of the information for your pet in one place digitally. It will even transfer and assist you when traveling, boarding etc... read all of the information & follow the process for pet screening.

We will need to have an up to date, accurate picture of your pet(s) to accompany the pet application and will need it for the screening process as well. We do need one application per pet. You will need permission for the pet before we can finalize the lease approval.

This information and more is available within our PET page on this website. After reviewing the information and you have any specific questions, please contact a representative at our office at (423) 744-3515.

Pet Application

Click Below To Pay Your Application Fees Online

Per Person
$25 fee per person over 18